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Welcome, I am Donna Maree from Newcastle Ragdolls and I have been a registered Ragdoll Breeder for the last 15 years specializing in the enchanting Ragdoll breed. Within my care, I nurture pedigree Ragdoll cats and kittens, with impeccable bloodlines from around the world. I frequently arrange air travel for families to all states of Australia with my kittens and have imported and exported overseas.

Allow me to introduce you to my passion for cats and kittens. From my earliest recollections, cats, kittens, and various other animals have been steadfast companions in my life’s. My sisters and I harboured a particular fondness for kittens, relishing in their company and entertainment throughout our childhood.
Later with my own family, we welcomed Nicky our first Ragdoll, and she quickly became a beloved member of our family. Our affection for her grew so strong that it wasn’t long before we decided to bring another, then another, BJ and Baby into our lives. This love, coupled with a desire to breed exceptional Ragdoll kittens, led to the inception of Newcastle Ragdolls.

My husband had a background in a dog-oriented family, and didn’t really know what cats were about, he was pleasantly surprised, and it didn’t take him long to completely adore our beautiful girls.

Whether it is a family with young children, a companion for someone living alone or someone that has lost their independence. Ragdolls make such a difference to the quality of people’s lives, they are a soft place to land, a true companion.

We are just two hours North of Sydney!


Sydney – Canberra – Central Coast – Newcastle – North Coast 

NSW, Australia.

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Ethical Breeding

Newcastle Ragdolls is a member of the Australian National cats Inc constitution and agree to be bound by the Code of Ethics relating to responsible cat ownership including the maintaining, keeping, welfare, breeding, exhibiting, marketing, and selling and we comply with all state relevant laws and regulations.

We work closely with our vets for regular health checks of our cats and kittens and we DNA test for the hereditary diseases, Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), for peace of mind for our Newcastle Ragdoll family’s.

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