Why are Ragdoll Cats so popular?

  • Ragdolls are easy-going, laid back and affectionate.
  • Ragdolls are big and cuddly – there’s a lot to love!
  • Ragdolls are puppy-like, and their human-loving personality makes them a great pet for anyone that doesn’t have the time and space for a dog.
  • Ragdolls are great with children and other pets.

The Ragdoll Temperament.

Ragdolls undeniably rank among the most captivating feline breeds, their enchanting blue eyes, striking physical beauty, and soft silky fur make them utterly irresistible.

Ragdolls are well known for their affectionate and placid nature. Ragdolls love to be where you are, they follow you around, sit on your desk while you work, will be waiting for you at the door when you arrive home, and love to snuggle with you in bed. They are described as puppy like. – they’re affectionate, devoted, and perpetually eager to be in your company. 

It’s hardly surprising that Ragdolls have gained worldwide acclaim as one of the most sought-after cat breeds. They are not just pets; they evolve into cherished companions who effortlessly blend into their new families and home.

How much space does a Ragdoll need?

Ragdolls are recognized for their adaptability, flourishing in a variety of living environments, from cosy apartments to spacious homes. They don’t demand significant space or rigorous exercise regimens.

While Ragdolls do have moments of playfulness and short bursts of energy known as the Zoomies, they are not high-energy cats. Overall, I’ve found Ragdolls to be adaptable, happy, and content with the space available to them.

The importance of Ragdolls being indoor pets only!

Ragdolls possess many qualities, but street-smarts are not among them.

Ragdolls are social and have a trusting nature which can make them particularly vulnerable in perilous and unpredictable situations eg: busy roads, encounters with other animals, and the risk of contracting diseases and being stolen, as they tend to be less cautious.

If you wish for your Ragdoll to experience outdoor time, consider a cat enclosure in your garden.


Playtime isn’t just about physical activity for Ragdolls—it’s also a form of enrichment that enhances their overall well-being.

It provides an outlet for them to release pent-up energy, relieve stress, and prevent boredom, ultimately contributing to a happier and healthier feline companion. Playing with your kitten strengthens the bond between cats and their owners, fosters a sense of trust and security, and ensures that Ragdolls lead fulfilling lives filled with lots of fun.

Like all cats, Ragdolls benefit from an extended “vertical” environment, including perches, cat trees, and window hammocks, which offer them a perfect vantage point for their natural curiosity. These elevated spaces serve as both exercise opportunities and resting spots, considering Ragdolls typically sleep up to 16 hours a day……

What to anticipate on the day you collect your new kitten.

pon arrival to pick up your kitten, please allocate approximately 30 minutes for us to discuss important information which will be included in your kittens folder to take home.

Included in my folder you’ll find:

• The contract outlining our agreement.

• The change of ownership form, facilitating the transfer of your kitten’s registration to your name with your local council and updating the microchip record accordingly.

• DNA reports for the parents of your kitten, providing reassurance regarding their health status for HCM and PKD, potentially fatal diseases, ensuring peace of mind.

• My kittens will also receive Pedigree papers, you know you are receiving a pedigree Ragdoll.

• My information sheet, covering essential details with every aspect of your kittens care, which will be reviewed with you before your departure. It will also be emailed to you in advance to assist in your preparations for bringing home your kitten.

• The toileting information sheet, offering additional insights and tips to complement the fact that your kitten is already fully toilet trained. It includes suggestions you may not have considered yet.

• The sterilization certificate.

• The vaccination certificates.

Male or Female?

Male Ragdolls can display greater affection, while females may exhibit a tad more independence.

However, exceptions to this rule are common, and both genders are Ragdolls so you can’t really go wrong.  Additionally, male Ragdolls often have a larger size compared to females.


Maintaining your Ragdoll’s coat in excellent condition requires regular grooming, typically once week is enough. I like to use combs; brushes just seem to glide over the top of the coat.

Although Ragdolls shed, they generally don’t seem to loose as much fur as some other semi-longhair breeds. You will need to pay closer attention to grooming during the transition from winter to summer, as Ragdolls shed their winter coat during this period.
Ragdolls can find a bath enjoyable when introduced at a young age.

They do not need baths though as they naturally maintain their own coats.

Feeding your Ragdoll Kitten

Kittens grow rapidly, it is important to ensure they are fed a high quality, complete and balanced kitten diet, to support healthy growth and development.

I feed a raw meat diet of fresh ground raw beef, minced chicken frames and add a raw meat balancing supplement called The Magic Mix. I also feed my breeding cats the same diet to keep them in prime condition.

You will receive 1 kilo of fresh beef and enough Magic Mix for 5kg of beef, free of charge when you pick up your kitten.

Potential health issues in Ragdoll Cats

Ensuring the health of our Ragdolls is our top priority. We collaborate closely with our veterinarians to conduct routine health assessments and genetic testing for our breeding cats, this commitment provides our customers with the assurance they need when bringing a new kitten into their lives.

At Newcastle Ragdolls we do genetic testing for Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and all our breeding cats have been tested clear of these common and fatal diseases.
The genetic test results for the parents of the kittens are included in your kittens folder, ensuring that you have all necessary information.
Transparency and open communication about genetic health is vital for ensuring the well-being of the kittens and giving them the best possible start in their lives.

Remember to do these after taking your Kitten to Home


Introduce your kitten to various environments early to ensure they grow up well-adjusted with different situations.


Schedule regular check-ups with a veterinarian to monitor your kitten's health and address any medical concerns promptly.


Shower your kitten with affection and attention, creating a strong and loving bond that will last a lifetime.


Provide a well-balanced diet tailored to your kitten's age and needs for their growth and overall well-being.

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