Blue Tabby Bicolour

Such a sweet boy, a thank you to the breeder Meriell from Reverence Ragdolls in Victoria

Sire & Dam

Sire: Bluecoins Brody (KOR) Import Korea.

Dam: Reverence Rhapsody (V) Victoria.


Ragalon Amigo

Seal Tabby Bicolour

This boy is from the Ragalon Cattery in Victoria, thank you so much Pam for this wonderful boy.


Sire & Dam

Sire: HU*Shiningdolls Lucas (HUN) Import Hungry.

Dam: Ragalon Aria (V) Victoria.


Blue Tabby Bicolour

My beautiful Harper, just like a big Teddy Bear and loves his cuddle.

Sire & Dam

Sire: Aberlady Magic Merlin 

Dam: Raggysandme Cherry Rose.


Ragalon Sweet Dreams

Blue Tabby Bicolour

This beautiful boy is from Pam at the Ragalon Cattery, thank you Pam I am thrilled to have him.

Sire & Dam

Sire: Ragalon Follow Your Dreamz (V) Victoria.

Dam: Ragalon Sweet Angel (V) Victoria.

Aberlady Spirit

Blue Bicolour

So excited to have this special boy, Spirit comes from my treasured friend Mike from Aberlady Ragdolls.

Sire & Dam

Sire: Misiowe Marzenie Wilson (POL) Import Poland.

Dam: Zara Azure Eyes*PL (POL) Import Poland.

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Our girls are pampered with the finest nutrition to ensure they thrive and stay in purr-fect health on their feline journey.


Our boys are fed a raw meat diet of the highest quality, to ensure our boys are always at their optimal health.

Retired queens

Our retired queens enjoy the utmost care and nourishment, ensuring their golden years are filled with well-deserved comfort and health

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